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The Next Stage produced staging elements for Take That’s latest tour, ‘This Life’.

Our fantastic team were proud to supply custom fabricated rolling band risers, the main stage curved centre steps, two waterproofed tech bunkers as well as bracketry to hang the 37 x 8 meter video backdrop, and not to forget the impressive 43 meter flown walkway.

The Flown Walkway, Band Risers and Centre Steps were all finished in a custom scenic ‘concrete’ texture.

The Flown Walkway is suspended from the roof of the area and lowers in to allow the band to walk from the mainstage, over the audience, to the B-stage where they will perform a whole act of the show.

The Walkway is a modular system that can grow or shrink to suit different sized venues, at its longest, the system is 43m long.

Band Risers were supplied to give the musicians a space to perform, these were built as a rolling structure that is tracked up and down stage by the stage automation.

The Centre Steps posed more challenges as they sit at the front of the mainstage and had to house lots of equipment. The structure had to be designed around subwoofers, front fill speakers and lights. Above the steps is a large waterfall effect, which required the structure to be able to let a lot of water run through it so as not to case a flood on stage or in the front rows of the audience. An anti-slip grating product was used for the treads to give a safe surface for the performers to stand on while still allowing hundreds of litres of water to pass through into a catchment tank.

Tech bunkers were built to give the backline technicians a covered area to work in and house all their gear. These are designed for both indoor and outdoor shows with waterproof covers and anti-slip top decks.

All elements were supplied with transport carts to get the structures in and out of the arena and into 3 trucks.

Photo Credit: Callum Mills / RHM Productions/Andy Dykes


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