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Cassius creative reached out to The Next Stage with the brief to supply the artist Lewis Capaldi with four floating band risers and a flying piano platform for his O2 arena shows in London.


The four cantilevered band risers were designed and manufactured using fabricated steel framework and beams with jacking castor assemblies for easy positioning and deployment on stage. These were then finished with aluminium decks (powder coated black) with a high shine flooring finish and di-bond facia panels. Each platform had steps and handrail located to the rear for band access.

The risers all packed into touring dollies to aid with manoeuvrability and protection when touring.


The second part of the supply was a flying piano platform which lifted up out of the main stage.

The platform consisted of a truss structure to which we fitted custom fabricated aluminium decks with a high shine flooring finish. The artist, piano and stool were safely attached to the platform. Swivel lifting points were fitted to allow the platform to be picked up these were hidden under access hatches to give the stage a clean look when the platform was hidden into the mainstage decking.



Cassius Creative – Set Design
Nick Lawrie – Production Management
Photo Credits:
Jordan Curtis Hughes

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