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It was a very proud moment for The Next Stage to be asked to produce a set for Kylie Minogue’s Summer 2019 Tour. The job had its challenges and we were initially asked to build a prototype of one of the Periactoi towers. Designer Rob Sinclair had the vision of 5 of these monolithic towers to be clad in a striking gold mirror on one side and a mirrorball effect on the other. With the look being very showbiz and very Kylie, the prototype had shown that the mirror could be fitted to look very flat and have minimal gaps. Other challenges were to fit brakes and a revolve into the base section of the towers and ensure that these would be strong enough to be climbed and danced on by two performers at once.

The prototype was exactly what the Client and Designer were looking for, allowing the Next Stage to build 5 of these Periactoi towers plus mirrorball effect band risers. Also providing transport carts for these elements of the set made The Next Stage a one stop shop for this project.

The set was used for Kylie’s performance at Glastonbury in the coveted ‘Legend Slot.’ The show was well received by the press and The Next Stage are very honoured to be a part of this moment of pop history.

Photo Credit : Nick Shepherdson

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