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Kaizers Orchestra

The Next Stage were given a strict brief from production regarding the challenges of touring in Norway.

The team custom fabricated rolling stage risers that included a raked up stage area, curved decks and hinged ramp to the down stage also with a specialised deck to incorporate a vibrating bass platform.  All the aluminium substructure and deck frames were supplied powder coated with non-slip hard wearing specialised paint applied to the plywood deck surfaces. 

Also included were two arches, one slightly smaller than the other in order to give the impression of depth to the set. These were fabricated using aluminium channel in order to protect the LED product attached to the arches from wear and tear of touring, both finished in a smart aged copper powder coat.

The finishing touches were seven lighting poles and two curved upstage light towers all attached to the rear of the set, with another six free standing curved lighting towers with removable LED channels attached to both top and bottom.

Photo Credit:  Alyssa Nilsen


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